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Farran Vert, Marcel·li

Cargo: Rep. Junta
Tf. Directo: 932309532
Ext.: 1160
Despacho: B-47

Marine geologist engaged in the acquisition, processing and management of a broad range of geophysical and oceanographic data (multibeam swath bathymetry, reflection seismic, side-scan sonar and magnetometry). Special interest: high-resolution seismic; sea floor geological mapping and bathymetry of continental margins and oceanic basins; acquisition and processing of geophysical and multibeam bathymetry data; design of software for tracking and data acquisition control on oceanographic cruises. Data bases, GIS and Marine Geology department web design and maintenance.

  • M. Farran. 2008. IMAGE2SEGY: Una aplicación informática para la conversión de imágenes de perfiles sísmicos a ficheros en formato SEG Y. Geo-Temas 10, 2008 p. 1215-1218.

Publicaciones Seleccionades y/o Características:
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