• Shelf-Ocean Transfer: influence in sedimentary processes and models of particulate matter and associated pollutants in the marine environment.

  • Coastal Dynamics: the dynamics and morphology of beaches, deltaic sedimentation and processes of coastal erosion, distribution and estimation of inorganic pollutants, effect of the anthropogenic activity in the marine environment, etc.

  • Continental Margin and Ocean Basin Modelling the growth mechanisms and evolution based on seismic stratigraphy and sedimentary record analysis to define the role of local and global scale factors such as glacio-eustatic cycles, tectonics and physiography. Development of sedimentary models for the interpretation and validation of the ancient record.

  • Global Climate Change: recognition of the Neogene-Quaternary, high frequency, paleoceanographic and paleoclimatic variations from sedimentary records.

  • Environment and Geologic Hazards: with special interest in the physical and geotechnical properties of the sediments and the identification of potentially unstable areas in the continental margins and basins in order to stablish and predict future catastrophic events.