The scientific Marine Geosciences Group began in the late seventies in the Department of Stratigraphy of the Faculty of Geology of the University of Barcelona as an initiative of Dr. A. Maldonado.

Initially called Marine Geology Unit, was incorporated at the Institute of Eath Sciences "Jaume Almera" (ITJA - CSIC) also in Barcelona. In 1987 he joined the Institute of Marine Sciences (ICM - CSIC) in Barcelona as a new department.

In 2006 is created within the department the "Barcelona Subsurface Imaging Group" and in 2012 the UTM's marine geologists and geophysicists moved into this research group.

Members of the Group of Marine Geosciences ICM are or were a member of various scientific committees within the "Plan Nacional I+D" as well as international committees ("European Scientific Committe" Programme de los fondos oceanic drilling, ODP "Advanced Study Workshops on Mediterranean Marine Geosciences" IOB, SCAR, etc.), "InterRidge" or Tredmar promoted by UNESCO, European Science Foundation and Mast.