IMAGE2SEGY is a Matlab script (also Octave compatible) .

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There are some diference in the text file for last versions, read help file for more info.
Digitize always from left side of the image to the right.

SegyMAT folder must be in your the Matlab (or Octave) search path.  
Some knowledge of how it works the  "Matlab Search Path"  is necessary.
Is recomended to put the program in  "work"  folder and Segymat in another folder. Put "work" on the top of the search folder and Segymat as second option.
If you have compatibility problems with "Robust toolbox" remove it this toolbox of your search path.  


DOWNLOAD ZIP file includes Marine & Land test and PDF Help files

Profiles can be digitized using free digitize2 (Matlab function)  or  comercial products like MAPVIEWER or DIDGER (Copyright © Golden Software). Also  programs like Irfanview can be used to display cursor position in the image.

SEG-Y Files can be displayed with free Windows program SeiSee  (Copyright © 1997-2012, DMNG Geophysical Company),  the best free utlity for SEG-Y displaying profiles and headers that permits some manipulations on files

  • A: GRAY display of the SEGY produced processing Color file as RGB Color file
  • B: GRAY display of the SEGY produced processing Color file as GRAY Color file  
  • C: COLOR display of the SEGY produced processing Color file as GRAY Color file
  • D: COLOR display of the SEGY produced processing Color file as RGB Color file
  • E: Original RGB Color file from this site



M.Farran (ICM-CSIC)    NOVEMBER/2017


SegyTimeAdjust  Script to correct small timing errors in the digitized seismic profiles using Image2segy 

Creative Commons License   Programs under a Creative Commons License


 Alternatives to this software

  • Tif2segy                   (UNIX),  needs "Seismic-unix" and "Netpbm tools",  Freeware
  • SeismicGraphix        (MAC -WINDOWS - LINUX). Java.  Freeware (Only 2 real position points)
  • segywiz                   (UNIX)   needs "Seismic unix" and "Netpbm tools",  Freeware
  • ImageToSEGY         (WINDOWS)  Commercial
  • SSV                        (WINDOWS)  Commercial
  • Wikipedia Comparison of free geophysics software